The Cobbler With No Shoes

Or, using this site to learn WordPress

Over the last few years I have floated around tinkering with and creating sites in several different content management systems. At the urging of a friend and colleague, Lee Honeycutt, of Alpine Lakes Design, I’m now diving into learning yet another system, WordPress. He assures me this one better than all the rest, and I will forsake all others.

Thanks, Lee, thanks a lot.

So, here’s my latest attempt at creating website for Rodeo City Graphics, and at the same time learn the intricacies of yet another CMS. If all goes as planned, you will have the privilege to witness the transformation of this site in its current “just opened the box” state to an incredible example of my design aesthetic,  and my WP Super User power.

Or, this could be the last post you ever read here.